Solaire 30" Standard Cart Grill

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30″ Solaire® Infrared Grill

  • Two main burners at 55,000 BTU/hour; AGBQ model includes 14,000 BTU/hour rear infrared rotisserie burner and includes rotisserie motor, spit, forks, counterweight.
  • 455 Effective Grilling Area (EGA); 703 Total Grilling Area (TGA)

All 30″ models are available as a Built-in, Premium Cart, Standard Cart, Bolt-down Post, or In-ground Post.

Standard features for all 30″ models include:
  • Two Stainless Steel main burners with either ceramic infrared, double-lanced ported U-burners, or both. Easily removable for cleaning or conversion.
  • Pushbutton rapid-start electronic ignition.
  • All stainless steel construction with heli-arc welded seams and no mechanical fasteners.
  • Hand-polished mirror finish accents.
  • Limited lifetime warranty on stainless steel construction, main burners and V-grilling grids; two years on ignition system; one year on everything else.
  • Built-in units feature top-supported, self-trimming design.
  • Double skin hood with stay-cool, full-width stainless steel tubular knurled handle.
  • Stainless steel V-grilling grids enhance flavor and reduce flare-ups.
  • Removable stainless steel warming rack and drip tray.
  • Folding side shelves on cart and post bases.
  • Accessories available include: Cover (Built-in or Cart (use with post models)), BBQ Tray, Griddle Plate, Wood Chip Smoker, Steamer/Fryer, Insulated Jacket, Infrared Burner, Convection Burner.
EGA = Effective Grilling Area (grilling grid area open to the direct heat).
TGA = Total Grilling Area (grilling grid plus warming rack areas).

For the month of May: every version of this grill comes with a free cover, which will be automatically added to your cart when you add the grill.

Solaire Infrared Grills are the Best Hot Grills available.  The high heat of the Solaire Infrared Burner cooks at a fraction of the time of conventional grills and makes food juicer and more flavorful.  Solaire grills are perfect for grilling full meals or just using them for searing after sous vide, smoking, or other cooking methods. 



  • Choice of Built-In, Premium or Standard Cart, Bolt-Down Post or In-Ground Post
  • Choice of Natural Gas or Propane
  • Two main burners at 27,500 BTU/hour each
  • 460 1/4 Effective Grilling Area (EGA) (area of grates open to the heat)
  • 703 Total Grilling Area (TGA) (EGA + Warming Rack area)
  • Both Cart models come with tank slide out pre-equipped


Built In: W = 30", L = 28 1/4", H above counter (Hood Down) = 14 1/2", H above counter (Hood Up) = 26 1/4"

Standard Cart: W (Shelves Down) = 35 1/2", W (Shelves Up) = 54 1/4", L (Hood Down) = 28 1/4", L (Hood Up) = 28 3/4", H (Hood Down) = 49 1/4", H (Hood Up) = 61"
Premium Cart, Bolt-Down Post, and In-Ground Post are the same dimensions as Standard Cart.


The grill ships fully assembled.  It only needs to be removed from packaging, placed outdoors in the desired area, and connected to a source of gas, either Propane or Natural gas, depending on which type is ordered (it can be converted later after the purchase of a conversion kit if your gas needs change).  For more information about setting up and using a Solaire grill, see this page for the care and use manual, which a physical copy is also included with the grill.


Is your island made from combustible material (such as wood or plastic)? You will need the Insulated Jacket, Item #SOL-IRIJ-30 (see item for cut-out dimensions).

Built-in Grill Cut Out Dimensions
28 1/2" width, 23" depth, 10 1/4" height.

Note: Minimum 3 5/8" clearance required between edge of cutout and inside back wall of enclosure for gas regulator.

Built in grills are designed to just be simply placed into an outdoor kitchen and are supported by the back and sides by the counter top.  If desired, silicone sealant may be used around the edges to help secure your grill, but this is not required.

Detail for Flush Mounting
If the counter top of your island overhangs the cabinet face, the counter top must be notched to accommodate the control panel or front of the Solaire equipment.


Warranty Information

Limited Lifetime Warranty on Stainless Steel, Burners and Grates; two years on ignition system components; one year on everything else. Nominal shipping/handling charge for warranty items shipped.

For more details, please visit the following link:


30" Infrared, InfraVection, Convection Standard Cart Grill - Two Doors $3,597.00
30" Infrared, InfraVection, Convection Standard Cart Grill w/Rotiss. - Two Doors $3,997.00
Cover for 30" Cart Model, UltraTexHyde Material, Embossed Logo $157.00


Infrared Model comes with 2 Infrared Burners

InfraVection Model comes with 1 Infrared Burner and 1 Convection Burner

Convection Model comes with 2 Convection Burners