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Firestones Set

The FireStonesTM sets combine the two basic elements of earth and fire. Brilliantly patterned from nature’s real stones, FireStonesTM create an exciting visual display of multiple surfaces unlike any other fireplace product.  FireStones Calico set shown on CXF Indoor Burner.  

Rasmussen recognized that “typical” gas log sets are not for everyone. Many consumers have homes with modern or contemporary décor in which ordinary gas logs would be out of place.  This led us to develop The FireStones set.  The FireStones are made from the same high-heat resistant ceramic-bonded refractory material we use in the making of our gas logs – they will not explode like real stones when placed in a fire. Standard sets are available in the popular sizes.  This set can be used indoors or outdoors when a stainless steel burner system is selected.

All Rasmussen Indoor Vented Burners (included in set) are constructed of heavy 16-gauge steel, with ½” schedule-40 pipe (not light duty tubing) for the main burner tube and ¼” steel tubing for the ember booster portions.  All seams are welded for maximum performance and durability.  Outdoor models are also available and constructed of Stainless Steel.

Rasmussen vented burners utilize a pan filler, which completely covers the burner tube(s).  The gas pressurizes beneath the filler, then breaks through into a dancing, smoky, wood-like flame.  Pan filler is included with all log sets and varies with gas type: White Sand for Natural Gas; Black Volcanic Ash for Propane (plus an air mixer and orifice).

Rasmussen log sets are available with a factory installed gas control.  Controls provide a convenient means of lighting the burner while providing shutdown of the gas flow to the burner in case of an interruption in the gas supply or a flame out.  Choose from Manual or Electronic Ignition Control Types.

Manual Control models are upgradeable to utilizes an on / off wireless remote or a variable flame height wireless remote.  

Electronic Ignition models are shipped standard with a variable flame height wireless remote control 

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