(D) Opti-V-Aquarium

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Opti-V™ Aquarium

The Opti-V™ Aquarium uses unprecedented technology to render a virtual aquarium experience that is stunningly beautiful and maintenance-free. The patent protected design features ultrarealistic swimming fish within a three dimensional environment that is vibrant in both color and definition. The perfect blend of magic and realism, the Opti-V™ Aquarium is virtually amazing.

Product Details
Finish Style Technology Volts Wattage Amps BTUs Remote Installation
Black Contemporary Opti-V 120/240 32 0.27/0.13 N/A N/A Surface-mount

Product Dimensions

H 17 3⁄4 in x W 30 in x D 13 1⁄2 in

H 45 cm x W 76 cm x D 34.3 cm

Key Features and Benefits 


The green alternative. No harmful particulates or emissions and 100% efficient.

Warranty Length

2 Year

Product Documents

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Opti-V™ Aquarium

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