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The Exclusive MOMBO® patented LARGE 2-Burner technology for realism and beauty is equipped with unique Stainless Steel components for solid performance and longevity with Sandless burners for clean and efficient flames. The MOMBO® is the ‘KING’ of flames! Select this system if the structure of your fireplace is HUGE. Guaranteed Impressive. MOMBO® Logs are made with the same top of the line material and attention to detail as the standard logs, only the MOMBO logs are larger and have plenty more girth, to match the corresponding MOMBO® Large Burner System. The MOMBO® is the ‘KING’ of flames!

MOMBO® applications can be seen around the US and Canada; in many restaurants, country clubs, shopping malls and in motion picture and TV. If your measurements allow, they can also be installed indoors or outdoors in residences.

  • For LARGE Fully-Vented Commercial and Residential Fireplaces
  • Factory Set & Burn Tested
  • Front-View and See-Thru Designs
  • Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
  • Big BTU
  • Indoor Life-Time Warranty